About Tropicbird Entertainment

Tropicbird Entertainment is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to creating exceptional entertainment that is inspiring, educational and engaging to people of all ages — especially children and their families. Our mission is to provide our community with quality family entertainment, which is also accessible.

We endeavor to offer an open, creative and collaborative environment dedicated to upholding a high degree of artistic integrity, while encouraging growth for all participants. We will accomplish this through the production of a wide variety of professional‐caliber community projects, which include: theater, music, dance, storytelling, among others.

Tropicbird Entertainment provides learning opportunities in the arts for aspiring actors, singers, artists and technicians by enabling them to gain experience by working alongside their professional counterparts in an apprenticeship role.

Our Entertainment For All program makes entertainment financially accessible to a wide range of community members by providing free attendance to low‐income children and families, through sponsorships by local businesses and individuals.

Referrals for Entertainment For All attendees come from local social service agencies, shelters, and special school programs.

About our name and logo: The tropicbird is a beautiful, elegant, high‐flying bird of the southern seas. Hawaiian legend describes tropicbirds, which nest in high cliffs,as messengers for the high chiefs and the gods. It is our intention to deliver messages that inspire, uplift and entertain our audiences.